Great Family-Friendly Activities in the Backyard (Dog Poop Free!)

Great Family-Friendly Activities in the Backyard (Dog Poop Free!)

As summer begins to wind down, you may be wishing you had spent more time out in your backyard. Well, if that’s the case, you still have time to plan! There are so many amazing activities you can do in your backyard…no matter your preferences! 

Let’s consider some great ideas for kids, adults, and even our furry friends! Choose one or many of these and spend your last few weeks of summer enjoying your backyard with friends and family (just make sure it’s dog-poop free first!).

Best Backyard Activities for Kids

Kids and dogs can be best friends, right? Don’t forget to plan a few games with your dog in mind here—your pup will love frolicking around the yard with the kiddos.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a great game for learning about balance and patience, which makes it a difficult but amazing game for kids! Giant Jenga can be even more fun than the table-top version—all you need are a bunch of two-by-fours or a jumbo jenga set from Amazon.

Backyard Bowling

Bowling in an alley is lots of fun, but if you want to spend less money and more time outdoors, backyard bowling is a great choice! You can certainly buy a bowling set, but there’s no reason you can’t make your own with a heavy ball and something tippy to knock down…even if it’s people! 


Have you ever tried limbo without a giant crowd watching? All you need is some good limbo music and some sort of rope or stick…it can even be a broom or mop from your kitchen! Then, see who can make it under the stick at the lowest point. 

Limbo is easy and fun by itself, but there are plenty of variations you can try! Have people dance under the pole, slide under sideways, walk backward…you name it. The kids will love it all!

Scavenger Hunt

Draw up a rough map of your backyard and send your kids out to scavenge for items! You can hide household items or simply mark out unique rocks and plants that your kids are sure to notice. Scavenger hunts are fun and a great way to get your kids to explore the outdoors!

Backyard Tent

Do your kids like camping? Try setting up a tent in your backyard if it’s hard to get out of town. They’ll love the unique setup, but they won’t be too far from home in case they get cold or scared at night! And you don’t even have to sleep outside….

Bonus idea, if you have a trampoline, you can always grab a trampoline tent and set it up around the trampoline. Now, your kids can jump and play inside their very own private clubhouse. 

Hide and Seek

There are few games a kid loves more than hide and seek. As long as your yard has some trees, bushes, or equipment big enough for a kid to hide behind, you’ve got entertainment that could last for hours!

Monkey in the Middle

While it goes by several different names, the premise of this game is simple: have two (or more) people pass a ball back and forth while one person in the middle tries to catch it between throws. 

This game is great for learning about teamwork and patience…plus, it’s an amazing way to get all the wiggles out! 

Best Backyard Activities for Adults

You can probably think of lots of outdoor activities that kids will love. Adults, unfortunately, can be a bit harder to plan for. However, there are some great ways to plan a party for adults and keep outdoor play fun! 

Food Bars

Adults love food, right? Set up a hot dog bar, taco bar, nacho bar, hamburger bar, or whatever else you can think of! Lay out options for:

  • Bread (buns, tortillas, chips)
  • Meat (hot dogs, burgers, shredded chicken, shredded beef)
  • Sauces (sour cream, salsa, mustard, ketchup, relish, mayonnaise)
  • Toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olives, pickles…)

This is a great way to make a fairly low-stress meal that everyone will love! Just make sure to provide cool drinks, especially on warm summer nights. 

Fire Pit

Everyone loves to gather around the fire. Choose a night when it will be dark and somewhat chilly, if you can. Set up your fire pit with chairs, blankets, and even some cushions all around. 

Of course, it’s always great to bring food and drink to a fire pit! Offer warm drinks like coffee, cocoa, and cider if it’s chilly, or stick to beer, wine, sodas, and seltzers. Don’t forget to offer water no matter the weather!

For kids and adults alike, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows is a fun and delicious activity. Bring marshmallows or think outside the box and try other cuts of meat, potatoes, veggies, mushrooms…even frozen pizza!

Outdoor Movie Theater

No one can say no to a good movie, right? With a good screen, projector, and a few other pieces of equipment, you can set up a giant theater-like experience outside for you and your friends to enjoy. Just be sure to pick a good movie and offer a few concession options! 

Yard Games

Even adults enjoy a game, though most of them might prefer a bit less running than the kids. For low-impact, try a game of bocce ball, cornhole, ladder ball, or croquet. If you’re ready for a little more movement, try some type of racquetball, spike ball, or even tug-of-war.

No matter what you choose, try to offer a couple of options, depending on your guest list. And don’t forget some cold drinks to keep things cool and delicious! 

Best Backyard Activities for Dogs

Alright, now you have some idea how to host kids and adults with some amazing backyard fun. But what about your best friend of all, that sweet dog? Here are some great activities to try with your dog to get the party going! 

Sprinkler Fetch

Every dog loves fetch, but it can get hot and tiring in the summer months. Add a new twist to this classic game by setting up a sprinkler in your yard to let your dog run and jump through while chasing their toy! They’ll love it and feel much cooler afterward.

Agility Course

Buy an agility course to set up in your yard! This is a super fun activity for dogs and also allows them to get exercise and stay in shape. Most courses come with fun items like tunnels, poles to weave through, hoops to jump through, bars to jump over, etc. Choose what you like and get practicing.

Patio Meals

Whether or not you let your dogs join you in the dining room, you’ll find that they go absolutely nuts with joy if you join them for a meal on the patio! Set up a table, chairs, and some sort of shade and settle down for a delicious meal on your patio where your dog can join in and maybe even snag a couple of scraps. 

Treasure Hunt

Hide treats and toys throughout your backyard and send your dog on a hunt to find them. Show them one treat and then send them off to sniff out the rest. If they’re new to the game, hide the treats in fairly easy spaces. 

Dog Pools

There are, in fact, pools created specifically for dogs. If it’s hot in your backyard, consider buying a dog pool and taking your pup out for a swim to cool off and enjoy the summer in a much better way. 

Digging Pits

If your dog likes to dig in your garden, consider offering them their very own pit of dirt and sand to dig in. You can buy one or make your own to let your dog get their digging itch out while enjoying the sunshine.

Creating an Enjoyable Backyard for Guests and Dogs Alike

If you’re ready to take some of these ideas and jump into the backyard for a party with kids, adults, and dogs, then it’s time to consider whether your yard is ready. While there are some ongoing steps to making your yard pretty (such as pulling weeds and keeping the grass watered), there is one step you need to take…but may not have time and energy for. 

If your dog uses your yard as a toilet and you need help scooping their poop in preparation for a party, our team has got your back! We love helping our community create comfortable and clean backyards in which to host whatever party they desire. 

Check out our services to learn more about how we scoop dog poop and how we can help you get your yard ready for any party you want to throw!