Pricing For Poop Scoop Services

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What would you trade for Dog Poop FREEDOM?? 2 Lattes per week?


2x Per Week Service

1 Dog – $10.95/Visit

2 Dogs – $13.95/Visit

3 Dogs – $15.95/Visit

4 Dogs – $17.95/Visit

5 Dogs – $19.95/Visit

6 Dogs – $21.95/Visit

7+ Dogs – $23.95/Visit


1x Per Week Service

 1 Dog – $12.95/Visit

 2 Dogs – $15.95/Visit

 3 Dogs – $18.95/Visit

 4 Dogs – $21.95/Visit

 5 Dogs – $24.95/Visit

 6 Dogs – $27.95/Visit

 7+ Dogs – $29.95/Visit


Bi-Weekly Service

1 Dog – $19.90/Visit

2 Dogs – $25.90/Visit

3 Dogs – $29.90/Visit

4 Dogs – $35.90/Visit

5 Dogs – N/A

6 Dogs – N/A

7+ Dogs – N/A

Fees For Special Requests

Need A One Time Cleanup?

We do offer one time cleanup services. The charge for this is a $80 flat fee that will get you up to one hour of scooping. If it takes us longer than one hour, then we charge $60 per every additional hour, prorated. 

Idaho Dog Poop - Your Dog Poop Pickup Service


Do to the fact that we bill every week, we do not accept cash payments. It would be a hassle for both us and our customers to meet and transact every week. If you are absolutely unable to pay with a credit card, then please Contact Us and we can try to work something out.

We bill on a weekly basis for 2x/Week Service and for Weekly Service. We bill every other week for Bi-Weekly Service.

Yes! When you subscribe you will be able to choose what day and what time of day we come to scoop. Please note that we do charge an additional fee for both of these options, as it requires us to shift our entire schedule.

We will be out within 48 business hours of sign up or your first scoop is FREE! 

We love interacting with our customers dogs! However, if your dog is known to be aggressive with strangers then please have your dogs put up!