Dog Poop Scooping Service

You Want a Backyard That is Always Ready For Fun!

Imagine a yard that you could walk through without having to constantly look down and watch where you step! Think of a yard you can run through, wrestle in, or relax in without worrying about dog poop. A clean yard that is always ready for fun is what our service provides!

The Idaho Poop Scoop Service:

Our Service is to provide you the fun and clean backyard that you dream of. When you Sign Up for our service, we will come to your residence and scoop all the dog poop in your yard. We do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, whichever you prefer. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, and you can cancel at anytime for any reason. See the checklist below to fully understand how we will get your yard poop free in no time!

How You Get a Clean Yard - Our Process