About Idaho Poop Scoop

Idaho Poop Scoop Team

The Best Dog Poop Service Crew

We have been blessed with an amazing group of individuals who work with us to keep your yards clean. Each team member went through an extensive interview process that consists of 3 separate interviews! Some would argue that our standards for our hires are too high for a Poop Scoop Company but we disagree as we are as good as our Leadership and our Team. We also strive to be one of, if not, the best places to work where we care for each team member, whether they are a contractor or an employee, and make this work worth their while! Therefore, Idaho Poop Scoop holds a high standard for all of our hires so that we deliver the best experience possible and are, without question, THE BEST Poop Scoop Company in the Treasure Valley. 

Thank you Chris, Orley, Amanda, Hayden, Jacob, Sarah, and Daniel! All made it through the interview process and do an Amazing job for all of Idaho Poop Scoops Customers. A Special thank you to Orely and Amanda who have been with the Company for over 1 year!

Idaho Poop Scoop Team

The Story of Idaho Poop Scoop

Idaho Poop Scoop was founded in July of 2021 by Josh and Sarah Silver (and our dog Shadow). Being both born in Idaho, we have a love for the Treasure Valley and a desire to own a small business that serves the area. With all of the growth in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell, we think that a dog poop service will be extremely helpful to any household that struggles to find the time (or willpower) to pick up their dog’s poop. Cleaning up poop is one of the only downsides to owning a dog, and that’s why we decided to found Idaho Poop Scoop and remove that downside. Now you can always come home to a nice clean back yard.

Principles of Dog Poop Pickup

Our Core Values

The leadership of Idaho Poop Scoop are all followers of Jesus Christ. Because of that conviction, we have founded our company on four fundamental principles:

We guarantee to uphold these values in every aspect of our business and in every interactions with our Valued Customers!

The Idaho Poop Scoop Leadership Team:

Josh - Idaho Poop Scoop Founders

Josh Silver

It was a joy to found Idaho Poop Scoop in 2021. For quite a while now I have been wanting to start a small business, and a dog poop pickup service is right up my alley. The combination of being ridiculously introverted and nasally hampered made dog poop pickup a great fit for me. I love reading and learning. Listening to books or podcasts through earbuds is one of my joys during the day. An even greater joy is getting to be married to my wonderful and beautiful wife Sarah! She is my partner in this business adventure, and you can learn about her below.

Sarah Silver - Vice President of Idaho Poop Scoop

Sarah Silver

Since the first day I can remember, I have had a significant love for animals. I always thought I’d be a veterinarian when I was older, but then realized there would be sad moments within the job as well, making it not the right fit for me. I have a passion also for taking care of and helping others. This drove me to seek and study my career in physical therapy, where I can help people daily. As I was in the Physical Therapist Assistant program my husband Josh was my biggest supporter in many ways, emotionally and financially. After graduating in May of 2021 and landing my job as a Physical Therapist Assistant here in the Treasure Valley, I had a strong desire to support Josh in the same ways he did for me. When he brought up the idea of starting a dog poop scooping business here in the Treasure Valley, we both saw it to be the perfect fit for our little family, Josh, I, and our dog Shadow. I am excited for us partnering together to work hard and bring you the ease of mind about the responsibilities that come with being a dog lover, like that dog poop in the backyard. Rather than worrying about the dog poop, spend some more time with your pup!

Idaho Poop Scoop - Shad

Shad McHargue

I am honored and excited to be working with Idaho Poop Scoop and serving our customers and team well! My wife and I are entrepreneurs at heart and love growing businesses by working hard, brainstorming with fun and sometimes crazy ideas, and making it happen! My wife, Danielle, is currently growing her flower business and I am hard at work for Idaho Poop Scoop and our family farm. Our favorite things are our faith in Christ, family time, outdoors, hunting, farming, friends, and Idaho! We love living on the farm with our children Elaine (Lainey) and Mason and our dog Hank. 

Chris & Fam

Chris Conner

My name is Chris and I am the Head of Customer Initiation and Quality Control. I was in the Army for 14 years as a 19delta which is a Recon Scout so I am very good at picking out poo in your backyard. I have been married to my wife Jessica for going on 17 years and have 3 awesome kids, Kaylee which starts college this year, Emily is a junior and my son Chase who is a freshman both in high school. I really do look forward to serving you. I love customer service so one of my biggest focuses in my job is making sure our customers are happy.

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