Due to the fact that we bill every week, we only accept credit cards that allow for recurring payments. It would be a large hassle for both us and our customers to physically transact every week. See our Pricing Page to find out how much we charge. If you are absolutely unable to use a credit card, then please Contact Us to see if we can work something out. 

We bill as often as we scoop. So if you are scooped every week, then your card will be charged every week. Likewise, if you are scooped every other week, then your card will be charged every other week. 

Our dog poop pickup service pricing depends upon two variable. First, how often do you want us to scoop? We currently offer once per week or every other week scooping subscriptions. Second, how many dogs do you have? The price increases as the number of dogs goes up. See our complete Pricing Chart.

Poop Scooping Process

You get to decide whether we scoop your yard once a week, or every other week. When you proceed to the Sign Up Page you will be able to choose whether we scoop the dog poop in your yard once per week or every other week.

We love interacting with our clients dogs. We have absolutely no problem with your dog being out in the yard while we scoop poop. However, if your dog is aggressive, then we do ask that it be kept inside.

We scoop dog poop Monday – Friday. If you want, you can choose what day we scoop your yard when you subscribe!

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. 

We have found that a rake like tool and a large “scooper” bucket with a handle is the best way to scoop dog poop. The bucket has a bag on it, and we use the rake to scoop the poop into the scooper. Read about our complete poop scooping process.

In short the answer is yes, but at our discretion. If an area is too difficult or time consuming to scoop, then we will communicate that with the customer and either adjust the weekly rate or cancel the service. This is fairly rare, however, and we can scoop most areas easily. 

“Very carefully” is about the best answer we can give. 

If we cannot scoop your yard due to reasons outside of our control (locked gates, aggressive dogs out, blocked entry into yards), then we will issue a 50% refund for that week as you will not have a clean yard but our team will have double the work the following visit.

If we get enough snow that we are unable to scoop, then you will receive a 50% refund for that week as you will not have a clean yard but our team will have double the work the following visit.

After we finish scooping, we will seal the bag shut and leave it on the outside of the gate in an easy to see location. 

Canceling Your Poop Pickup Subscription

You can cancel your dog poop pickup subscription at any time. You can read our full cancelation policy here. If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to the Contact Page and send us a message letting us know that you wish to cancel. 

No, there is no minimum subscription time. We hope to form long standing relationships with our clients, but it is perfectly fine if you only want us to pickup dog poop for a little while. You can read our cancelation policy here.

Signing Up

Signing up with Idaho Poop Scoop pickup service is a simple and quick process. Just go to our Sign Up page, fill out your information, and we will be clearing your yard of dog poop in no time!

Signing up takes less than five minutes! All we need is some information from you so that we know where to scoop, and then you can pay with any credit card. It is that easy!

Yes! When you subscribe you will be able to choose what day and what time of day we come to scoop. Please note that we do charge an additional fee for both of these options, as it requires us to shift our entire schedule.

Yes, we do offer one time cleanups 🙂 We have a $80 flat fee that gets you up to one hour of scooping. If the job takes longer than one hour, then it is $60 per additional hour.

We will be out within 1 to 2 business days after sign up! We strive for next day service!