Policies and Guarantees

Idaho Poop Scoop Policies:

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Idaho Poop Scoop takes the privacy of our clients very seriously. We will never sell or distribute any of your information to any other company.

Your financial information is secured and encrypted by a trusted and established payment gateway. Idaho Poop Scoop does not and cannot access your financial information.

Your contact information will be stored by Idaho Poop Scoop solely for the purpose of contacting and communicating with you. 

Any customer is free to cancel their subscription with Idaho Poop Scoop at any time for any reason. Although we never want to see a customer leave, we believe that leaving should be a straight forward process. Simply send us a message through our contact page requesting that your subscription be canceled. 

How to handle the first scooping is a difficult problem. Some yards we visit the first time are relatively clean and have been scooped regularly, while others are quite “loaded” and have not been scooped for months. Instead of trying to charge some customers more and some customers less, we decided to put a simple time cap on how long we scoop poop on the initial visit. Normally we can scoop a yard in under 10 minutes. Therefore, we decided to put a time limit of 25 minutes per yard. If we are not able to get all of the poop in 25 minutes, then we will put in another 25 minutes the next week. Using this policy, we should be able to get any yard completely clean in two or three weeks at the most. 

We leave all gates as we found them. For long time customers, if we see a gate open that is usually shut, then we will do our best to mention it when we text you that we are leaving the property.

Unfortunately, sometimes we run into yards that have long grass, untrimmed bushes, etc. Although we will work hard to find all the poop we can, our official policy is to only scoop the dog poop that we can see. If there is dog poop hidden under grass, shrubs, or other objects, then we cannot guarantee that we will get it. 

The employees of Idaho Poop Scoop will never enter or pass through the home of one of our clients unless explicitly asked to by the owner of the home. Even then, our strong preference is to never enter the residence of a client. We feel that this is the best policy for all parties for reasons of safety, liability, etc. 

Idaho Poop Scoop Guarantees:

Puppy in Dog Poop Free Yard

Idaho Poop Scoop believes that communication is extremely important. After all, we will (in most cases) be entering into your back yard to scoop dog poop, and we never want to surprise or frighten anyone. Therefore, we guarantee that we will text you approximately 10 minutes before our arrival, letting you know that your yard is the next to be scooped. And we will also send you a second text as soon as we leave your property letting you know the job is done. 

At Idaho Poop Scoop we guarantee that we will do our absolute best to exceed your expectations and leave you satisfied. One of our Core Principles is Hard Work. Everyone on our team is committed to working hard to serve you, and to leave your yard clean and green. If you are unsatisfied with any part of our service, please don’t hesitate to let us know by sending us a message on our contact page.