The Top 8 Christmas Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

The Top 8 Christmas Activities to Enjoy with Your Dog

The Real Reason for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, most of us are busy shopping, baking, and planning as many fun holiday activities as possible to get the most out of the season. But what about our dogs? What fun Christmas activities will our dogs enjoy partaking in?

If you love the Christmas season but don’t want to leave your precious pup out of the fun, here are 8 great ideas for Christmas activities you can enjoy with your dog.

1. Bake Some Treats

Dogs love treats just as much as humans do! If your pup is always trying to sneak a cookie from the counter, you can be sure they would love to join you for a sweet treat in the evenings! However, human treats can have ingredients that are toxic to dogs (such as chocolate or certain spices), so it’s best to give your pup a treat made just for them.

There are lots of options for store-bought Christmas dog treats, but you can always have fun making your own! Most dogs love hanging out in the kitchen, so why not make it an event? Mix some of their favorite ingredients (peanut butter, plain yogurt, pumpkin, etc.) with a little flour and natural sugar like honey or maple syrup and you’ve got a fantastic dog treat for Christmas! 

Delicious Christmas treats

2. Go See the Lights

Have you ever met a dog who doesn’t enjoy a nice stroll or a cozy car ride? Take your dog out around the town to see Christmas light displays, whether that’s just at your neighbors’ houses or at a park/venue where there are huge displays set up for your enjoyment. 

Bundle up, grab some hot chocolate, and get outside! Your dog will love getting some fresh air and meeting new people, even if they don’t understand the appeal of the light shows. And who knows, maybe they’ll love seeing the lights too! Who says a dog can’t enjoy something beautiful just as much as a human?

3. Wear Christmas Sweaters

If your dog has any fashion sense (or you have a pretty good fashion sense for them), buying them a Christmas sweater is a great way to show it! You can choose an ugly Christmas sweater just for fun or pick something nicer that will keep them warm throughout the snowy months. 

As a bonus, consider getting a matching sweater so that you can really pull off that special annual Christmas picture! Your dog will love spending quality time with you getting photos whether or not they know you’re matching. 

Ugly Christmas sweaters!

4. Take Pictures 

Don’t hesitate to pull out your camera for the holiday season, even if it’s just the one on your phone. Your dog won’t be around forever, so it’s important to get LOTS of great Christmas pictures with them while you can. 

On a related note, some city Santas may offer dog photos as well as kid photos! If you’re interested, check out the Santas working in your area and find one who will take a sweet picture with your pup. Every dog should get the chance to hang out with Santa too! 

5. Watch Christmas Movies

While dogs may not necessarily watch movies by themselves, most can see the TV and distinguish between dogs and humans on your screen. Plus, they’ll love snuggling up with you and enjoying a few good snacks no matter the reason! 

6. Fill a Stocking

There are plenty of great options for doggy stockings that you can buy (or make at home). Once you do, fill it with all kinds of fun gifts for your pet, from treats to chew toys to tug-of-war ropes. Your dog will love pulling them out to enjoy—just be sure the stocking is out of reach (and out of smell) until Christmas if you want to avoid a mess.

7. Donate or Volunteer

Christmas is probably one of the best times to volunteer or donate what you can to support those in need. There are lots of ways you can get your dog involved in the spirit of compassion too! 

Consider donating some of your dog’s old (lightly used) toys or unopened food bags to the local pet rescue. You can also take your pup along while shopping for other often-requested supplies like potty training pads or trash bags. 

Another great way to involve your dog is to take them to a nursing home, hospital, or another care center to visit people who are sick or lonely. Children and the elderly are usually especially fond of dogs! Just make sure to check with each location you want to visit and ask if your dog is allowed and what rules they might have about letting pets in. 

8. Play in the Snow

Most dogs love a good romp in the snow! Take them outside to roll, run, and wrestle in your snowy yard. Throw a few good snowballs, let them taste the snow, and maybe even see if they’ll join you for snow angels! 

Pro tip: Be sure your yard is clean before you head outside! If you need someone to scoop your dog’s poop and tidy up your yard before you go out to play, reach out to us for professional poop-scooping support

Playing in the snow with the pups

Making Christmas Memorable

The Christmas season is one of the best parts of every year with its delicious treats, time off work, and connections with God, friends, and family. Make sure your dog enjoys the season as much as you do by starting some fantastic doggie traditions. This is the perfect time of year to really spoil your precious pet and give them all the love and attention they deserve! 

Remember, your dog may love the treats and fun activities, but what they love most of all is spending time with you. Just like (maybe even more than) their human owners, dogs love quality time more than material goods. So, don’t hesitate to take a little extra time on your days off to cuddle or play with your pup. They’ll love it and so will you!