Dog Poop Service
in Middleton Idaho

Middleton Idaho Dog Poop

Never Scoop Dog Poop Again!

Residents of Middleton Idaho never need to scoop dog poop again! Get ready to avoid the headaches and frustration of constantly having to clean up your yard. With Idaho Poop Scoop, you are less than 5 minutes from being done with dog poop forever! 

Idaho Poop Scoop Team

Idaho Poop Scoop - Middleton's Dog Poop Service

Idaho Poop Scoop is a dog poop cleanup service that serves Middleton Idaho. Our subscription service allows you to choose whether we come to your house weekly or bi-weekly to clean up the dog poop. Regardless of how many dogs you have or what your schedule is, we can make it work and make your life easier!

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Sign Up For a Dog Poop Free Yard

Signing up takes less than five minutes! Then you can sit back and relax, while we clean your yard for you. There is only one single page sign up form, and you yard will get cleaned again and again. You can cancel anytime for any reason, but why would you ever want to start scooping again? Imagine all the fun you are going to have with a consistently clean back yard. Don’t miss out on those memories, sign up today!