Dog Poop Service in Meridian Idaho

Meridian Idaho Dog Poop Pickup Services Available

Meridian Homeowners - Imagine Never Picking Up Dog Poop Again!

If you live in Meridian Idaho and are tired of picking up dog poop every week, then you are in the right place. Imagine if your yard “magically” got cleaned for you each week. With Idaho Poop Scoop, that imagination can become real in less than 5 minutes. 

Owners of the Idaho Poop Scoop

Idaho Poop Scoop - Meridian's Dog Poop Pickup Service

Idaho Poop Scoop is a dog poop pickup service that serves Meridian Idaho. We offer weekly or bi-weekly dog poop cleanup subscription plans, so that you can be assured that your yard will always be clean. Regardless how many dogs you have, we will get the job done for you with our reliable and quality service. 

Puppy in Dog Poop Free Yard

Your Clean and Fun Backyard is 5 Minutes Away

Don’t miss out on the memories that you could be having in a dog poop free yard. Whether it is wrestling with your dog or having a barbeque, Idaho Poop Scoop will ensure that you have a backyard that is clean and ready for making memories. Signing up is easy with our one page sign up form, and you can cancel anytime for any reason. Get your dog poop free yard today, and enjoy the memories ahead.