Dog Poop Service
in Eagle Idaho

Eagle Dog Poop Scoop

Eagle Idaho Residents - Never Scoop Dog Poop Again!

Imagine being able to walk through your back yard without having to stare at the ground! If you are tired of having to scoop dog poop week after week and dread walking through your backyard, then you are on the right site! For all of the residents of Eagle Idaho, you are now able to outsource your scooping duties.

Owners of the Idaho Poop Scoop

Idaho Poop Scoop - Eagle's Dog Poop Pickup Service

Idaho Poop Scoop is a dog poop scoop service that serves Eagle Idaho. We offer a weekly or bi-weekly pickup service, to ensure that your yard is consistently spotless. Whether you have one dog or six dogs, we can get the job done year round and make sure that you don’t have to tip toe through your yard.

Chocolate Labrador waiting patiently for treats

Sign Up For Your Clean Yard Today

Signing up with Idaho Poop Scoop takes less than 5 minutes, and you can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. After you sign up, you can sit back and relax while we stop by at the interval you choose. Don’t miss out on the memories and fun that you will be able to have in a clean backyard. Whether it is barbeques or playing with your kids, Idaho Poop Scoop will ensure that your backyard is always ready to make memories.