Caldwell Idaho's
Dog Poop Service

Caldwell Idaho fall picture with bridge in the backgrounds and colorful leaves on trees and bushes near the water

Live in Caldwell? Tired of Scooping Dog Poop?

If you live in Caldwell Idaho and are sick of cleaning up dog poop week after week, then you have found the right place. Imaging never having to scoop dog poop again! With Idaho Poop Scoop, you are only 10 minutes away from being done with dog poop forever. 

Owners of the Idaho Poop Scoop

Idaho Poop Scoop - Caldwell's Dog Poop Scoop Service

Idaho Poop Scoop is a dog poop pickup service that serves Caldwell Idaho. Our subscription plan offers weekly or bi-weekly poop scooping, to ensure that your yard is always clean. It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, we can make your life easier and your yard more enjoyable. 

Puppy in Dog Poop Free Yard

Imagine Never Scooping Dog Poop Again!

You will be amazed how enjoyable having a poop free yard can be. From barbeques to simply playing with your dog, having a clean yard ensures more good memories in your future. You can get those memories now, by signing up with our one page form which takes less than 5 minutes to complete! Cancelation is free and easy if it is ever needed. Don’t let dog poop keep you from all the fun and memories you are going to have in the future. Sign up with Idaho Poop Scoop today!