How Dogs React To Robbers: Best Dogs for Home Security

How Dogs React To Robbers: Best Dogs for Home Security

Does your best friend look out for you to keep you out of trouble? That’s a best friend’s job—but, of course, your friends can’t necessarily live with you and watch out for danger in your home. That’s where man’s other best friend, the dog, really comes in. And that’s why how dogs react to robbers is truly important to understand. 

If you’re hoping to get a dog, you may be thinking it’s a great plan to get both a dog as a companion and one who can protect you in case of danger. But you may be wondering which dogs are best for home security while still providing companionship. 

In general, the best home security dogs are large, loyal, and bred to guard. Some popular guard dogs include the German Shepherd, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers, but there are many other options as well!

Best Guard Dogs for a Family

If you have a family, you want to get a dog who is bred to protect but not so aggressive that you won’t be able to control them. Here are the best guard dog options for families in search of protective pets.

1. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is well-known for its large size and distinctive, wolf-like features. These dogs are incredibly loyal and courageous. Pair that with their strength, agility, and loud commanding bark and you’ve got a great guard dog! 

German Shepherds usually react to danger with loud barking to warn of danger. They may follow that up with aggression if they feel their loved ones are physically threatened. In some cases, German Shepherds can be over-suspicious, so it’s a good idea to make sure they spend lots of time with other dogs at a young age to get them used to social interactions.

2. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a sleek, muscular, athletic dog with a powerful build, growl, and bite. Doberman Pinschers are incredibly loyal, brave, and intelligent, not to mention beautiful and noble. 

Usually, Doberman Pinschers react to danger with a deep growl that can lead to barking, lunging, or even attacking. In the past, this dog has been known to bite or kill if it is concerned about its own safety or that of its owner. Be sure to train this dog to get along with family, friends, and “friendly strangers” from a young age!

3. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a strong, loyal, and incredibly loving dog. Rottweilers love to play and cuddle, but they were bred to work and to protect, so they won’t hesitate to take good care of their family whenever necessary! 

Rottweilers are usually incredibly strong and courageous but not especially aggressive unless they feel truly threatened. If they see a robber or intruder, they are likely to bark and move toward them, possibly even jumping to attack, depending on their level of concern.

4. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is an incredibly strong, large, and powerful pup. These dogs were bred to chase down poachers in England many centuries ago and still retain the instinct to protect and chase. Bullmastiffs are intelligent and deeply loyal. 

If a bullmastiff notices danger, it will bark loudly to alert its owners of danger. It may then growl and lunge toward the intruder if it senses that the danger remains. Bullmastiffs have incredibly powerful jaws and bodies, so they can easily deal with any intruder that comes their way!

5. Akita

The Akita hails from Ancient Japan and is a muscular, burly dog with a fierce sense of loyalty and courage. As venerated family protectors, Akitas are definitely a great choice for anyone looking for a family-friendly guard dog. 

The Akita barks and stands guard when threatened. These dogs are also happy to lunge and attack intruders if they feel this is necessary. It’s important to socialize them regularly if you want them to be comfortable around friendly strangers or your family and friends.

6. Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a confident, intelligent, and courageous dog who is often used as a guard dog or a working dog. Closely related to the Belgian Laekenois, another great guard dog, the Malinois is known for its strength, elegance, and incredibly sharp intellect. 

The Malinois has a more intimidating appearance than some guard dogs, and will be sure to bark and put up a good front for anyone trying to break into your home. There’s no question that the Belgian Malinois and its cousin, the Belgian Laekenois, are both great options if you want an intimidating, intelligent companion to keep you safe!

7. Boxer

The Boxer is both incredibly intelligent and incredibly strong, as you can tell with a simple glance at its rippling muscles and bright eyes under a high forehead. Boxers are fiercely loyal and love to be active, making them great family dogs! 

If a Boxer notices a threat, they will tend to react with fierce barking and an imposing stance. They are fearless in the face of danger and will attack without too much provocation, so they do need to be trained to recognize friend from foe. However, their incredible loyalty makes them a great option to help protect children!

How To Choose the Best Guard Dog

There are other dogs who can work great as guard dogs. Most dogs will at least make some noise and put on a show if they notice an intruder! Which guard dog you choose will depend a lot on who lives in your home and how concerned you are about threats to your property and family. 

Whichever dog you pick, be sure that you know how to train them. Guard dogs are amazingly loyal, but they can be cruel to those who are not in their family without proper training. Be sure to socialize them often and help them recognize true threats from false ones. 

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