Best Indoor Dogs For Pet Owners

Best Indoor Dogs for Pet Owners

All dogs need their exercise, but some prefer life in the outdoors more than others. The best indoor dogs for pet owners tend to be small and to need relatively little exercise compared to some of the larger and more popular family breeds. 

If you’re looking for a pet who will stay close to home and enjoy plenty of time inside reading, watching a show, or playing quietly, these breeds are your best bet to get started.

Top Indoor Dog Breeds

Keep in mind that all dogs like a bit of fresh air and exercise throughout the day. Even if they only get to play tug-of-war on the porch, it’s important to let your pup have some time out of doors. But for all intents and purposes, these breeds will be happy spending most of their time inside.


The adorable, furry Affenpinscher is well-known as an incredibly loyal and amusing companion. With a dense but neat coat and a playful temperament, this dog is generally content to enjoy life indoors as long as you take the time to befriend them.

Affenpinschers need playtime, but they’re mild-tempered and friendly, so there’s no need to worry about them going crazy if they’re cooped up indoors for long hours.  


The furry Bolognese was bred as a companion dog and is well-suited to a quiet lifestyle. With an intelligent, serious nature and a preference for lounging with family, this pup is sure to do well if you live and work at home.

Keep in mind that Bolognese dogs don’t like to be left alone for long periods, so if you’re looking for a pet to keep at home while you’re out for a long workday, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Boston Terrier

The ever-popular Boston Terrier is a true gentleman and a great dog for city living. This sweet and comical pet is sure to keep you in smiles, but aside from a quick walk or a bit of playtime, they don’t need much outdoor entertainment.

Boston Terriers are small and incredibly friendly, making them a great choice for keeping indoors and around small children or other beloved family members. 


The adorable and unmistakable Bulldog is super easygoing and well-suited to indoors as being out in the hot sun can make breathing hard on them. With a friendly demeanor and a short, easy-care coat, this pup would be a great option for an indoor dog.

Keep in mind that a Bulldog needs exercise and a good diet to maintain a healthy weight. You don’t want your sweet pup to suffer from any weight-related problems! 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a great choice for an indoor dog. This breed seems to be descended from royalty, but it’s also incredibly playful and loves people of all kinds, including children. 

The Cavalier can easily adapt to its owner’s lifestyle, and with a little exercise to help them stay trim, this pup will fully embrace a more sedentary, indoor lifestyle. 

Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier is rare in America, but makes an incredible family dog with its friendly personality and tendency to act as guard dog. This pup is small and vivacious but much more laid back than most terrier breeds.

If you’re looking for a dog who will do great as a guard dog and a family pet and who won’t mind lounging for much of the day, a Cesky Terrier is a great option. 


The always-beloved Chihuahua is a playful but delicate dog breed. These pups are incredibly small and love spending time indoors with lots of cuddling and relaxing. With their easy-care coats but big personalities, the Chihuahua is a great option for an indoor companion.

Just keep in mind that these dogs are delicate, so they’ll need special care in cold weather and should avoid lots of roughhousing with kids. They’ll also need training as their strong personalities lead them to take control if their owner isn’t careful!

French Bulldog

The adorable and distinctive French Bulldog is a popular city dog for good reason. This short pup has a smooth coat that doesn’t require tons of grooming and isn’t inclined to bark much, making it a great option for apartments. 

With their easygoing nature and fondness for all types of people, the French Bulldog has made itself a popular pet for city dwellers all around the world.


Though much larger than the rest of these breeds, the beautiful Greyhound makes a gentle and amiable indoor companion. These dogs are made for high speeds, so you’ll probably want to get them out for a run once in a while, but they won’t complain if there are days you don’t.

The Greyhound is a great choice if you’re looking for a dog famous for its beauty and excellent at chasing prey when necessary. And if you want someone to happily lounge all day, this pup is great for that too.


The adorable Havanese is popular with city dwellers because of its friendly disposition and adaptable nature. This pup is highly trainable and happy to lounge around as long as they get plenty of quality time with their beloved owner. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Havanese has a lot of fur, so you may want to cut or cord it to reduce grooming time. But with their funny and friendly personality, you’re sure to love spending time with this pup no matter how they look!


The ancient Maltese is absolutely gorgeous, with its long white coat (thankfully low-shedding) and graceful gait. This pup is happy to stay as an indoor companion and won’t complain if they don’t get tons of exercise. 

Maltese are also great watchdogs and enjoy some athletic adventures if you have the time to train them. While they can be stubborn, with a little training, this dog will be a great addition to any home!


The adorable and graceful Papillon is named after the shape of their wide ears, as “papillon” is the French word for butterfly. This tiny pup needs surprisingly little grooming for the amount of fur they have and loves spending time relaxing with loved ones.

The Papillon is a dog that can thrive in any climate and any situation, making it ideal for pretty much anyone who wants a small, easygoing, but simply adorable playmate.


One of the most popular indoor dogs of all, the small but feisty Pug is well known as a loving companion for adults and children alike. These pups require little grooming and relatively light exercise, though a restricted diet is necessary to keep a Pug’s weight in check.

With a cheerful bark and adorable big brown eyes, the Pug is one of the most beloved dogs around the world. And since they can’t be outside if the weather is too hot or cold, the indoors is the perfect place for this exceptional breed.

Enjoy Your Indoor Dog

These dogs are the top dog breeds to thrive indoors. If you’re on the hunt for a nightly TV-binging companion, each of these dogs would make an excellent choice. 

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